Our Motto : No mould manufacturing should get delayed for want of a mould base. If you need mould base faster, come to us. 


Our Motto: No mould manufacturing should get delayed for want of mould base need mould base faster, Come to us. 


Our Motto : No mould manufacturing should get delayed for want of a mould base. If you need mould base faster, come to us. 

Our Products

Global Excellence in Mould Base Supply

At Imbos, we excel in simplifying complex operations. Our capabilities include precise engineering and production of sophisticated mould bases and components like Guide Rails, Wear Plates, Sliders, and Wedge Blocks. Our meticulous process ensures clients only need to integrate core and cavity inserts for full functionality.

We value client designs highly, with our adept technology team skilled in scrutinizing specifications and suggesting enhancements. We specialize in refining mould base designs to streamline costs, especially when financial considerations are crucial.

Our manufacturing spans various industries, from consumer durables to aerospace. We have extensive experience in plastic injection, pressure die-casting, compression, blow, and rubber moulds.
With years of industry experience, we offer invaluable guidance on material selection and provide full-scale design services based on client specifications.

Our commitment to innovation has perfected our manufacturing processes, enabling us to deliver mould bases with unmatched speed, cost-efficiency, and quality. Our robust production capacity ensures efficient handling of large orders without sacrificing lead times.

Each mould base undergoes exhaustive testing for fit and function before dispatch, ensuring seamless integration upon delivery.
Central to our philosophy is consolidating essential machinery and equipment in-house, guaranteeing self-reliance and commitment to clients, eliminating external dependencies.

Customized Mould Bases

Our customized mould bases are machined precisely to match the manufacturing data and specifications provided by the customer.

Standard Mould Bases

Our standard mould bases are produced according to customer data and our internal standards. Additionally, we can manufacture them to comply with any other industry standard, given the necessary data provided by the customer


Our die-sets are renowned for their exceptional accuracy, achieved through meticulous processes that guarantee the flatness of individual plates and assembled die-sets. We specialize in manufacturing die-sets with two plates, three plates, and comprehensive accessories.

Mould Components

All mould accessories are internally produced to meet customer specifications. These accessories are seamlessly integrated into the mould base, with their functionality rigorously tested before dispatch.

Our Capabilities

Product Range

From 150 MM X 150 MM to 2000 MM X 3000 MM
From 6 IN X 6 IN to 80 IN X 120 IN

Types of Materials Machined

Medium carbon steel Family ISO C45/C55:DIN 1.730
All grades of ISO P20:DIN 1.2311/1.2378/HIGH HARD
All Grades of Stainless steel:DIN 1.2083/1.2084/1.2085

Types of Mould Bases Manufactured

Plastic Injection Mould Bases
Multi-cavity-Mould Bases
Mould Bases for Caps and Closures
Pressure Die-casting Mould Bases
Compression Mould Bases
Blow Moulding Mould Bases

Lead Time for Mould Bases

Customised mould bases: 15 – 18 Days
Standard Mould Bases: 8 – 12 Days
Diesets: 8 – 12 Days

In special cases these lead times can be cut down drastically

Surface Treatment and Raw Material Management

Unique surface treatments are available upon request to meet specific client needs.

Our Approach To Raw Material Management

Understanding the critical importance of raw materials in mould-based production, we ensure our clients are not concerned with assessing material quality. We guarantee the use of premium raw materials sourced exclusively from esteemed rolling mills in India.

Our team conducts Ultrasonic Testing to adhere to ASTM A578 Standard Requirements and secures Material Test Certificates from our suppliers. Our facility maintains a strategic reserve of about 100 metric tons of raw material, skillfully managed to support production needs and precisely cut in-house for specific project requirements.

We employ a meticulous procurement strategy for die-steel, selecting sources based on client recommendations or through our established network of renowned suppliers like Buderus, DEW, Lucchini, and Doosan. This stringent approach to material sourcing is a testament to our commitment to delivering mould bases that epitomise quality and dependability

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